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Top Two Summer Trends for Florida’s Fall

by Jessica Larsen on August 27, 2020

Don’t say “Goodbye” to summer just yet! For Floridians, summer is a lifestyle…not a season, so get ready for some hot summer trends that are sticking around for Florida’s “Fall season”.

Boho Dresses are a popular summer pick for fashionista’s everywhere, but here in Florida they stay in style practically year-round. Dresses are an easy styling option. No need to plan an entire outfit, just throw on a dress, some jewelry, cute sandals, and DONE!

Boho Dresses

Palazzo Pants are stylish and comfortable. The flowing wide leg style makes them extra comfortable and airy.  We consider them a summertime staple, and there is no reason not to wear them this Fall.

boho pants

Don’t lose those good summer vibes, keep those sunshiny feelings going with these two fashion favorites all “Florida Fall” long!