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What’s Trending in Jewelry for Summer?

by Kyle Busch on May 13, 2020

Jewelry is like adding glitter…it makes everything prettier! This summer is set to be stylishly surprising when it comes to jewelry.

Lovely layers and stacked styles will take center stage when it comes to necklaces and bracelets. Get ready to mix beads and bangles with links and chains, because when it comes to stacking bracelets, rules are non-existent. We urge you to keep it on the chic side and avoid crossing that line between bold and…. well, tacky. If you aren’t quite sure where that line is, we suggest checking out our multi-layer bracelets. Multi-layered look, no styling needed, just pop one on!

Layered necklaces make my heart beat faster. We love that this style is completely Boho, and everyone’s a fan. Simple but stunning, we hope this trend sticks around a really long time. You can get your creative side to work by mixing and matching your favorite necklaces to make a style all your own. Any trend that encourages individuality has our seal of approval! Unsure what necklaces to start with? We carry all kinds of necklaces perfect for layering!

Load up on rings because they’re getting stacked too! Or you can just wear multiple. Band rings are being embellished beautifully with enamel, resin, wood, and gems. Don’t forget to show your simple plain bands some love though because they pair beautifully with their fancier friends. All tones are in style for summertime, great news for those with a jewelry box full of gold, silver, and rose gold.

Don’t forget the beach classics…toe rings and anklets. Shells, starfish, mermaids, and seahorses are popular design picks, and will get you in the mood for vacation.

I personally can’t wait for summer. I’m so excited to see what styles stick!

Brim & Boho is ready to unpack our summer products and share them with you!