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Bohemian Style Tanks & Tops

by Kyle Busch on May 24, 2020

There’s just something about Boho style. The flow and design just make you feel free-spirited and beautiful. Flattering for anyone, Bohemian style tank and tops are a summer must-have. Everything goes during sunny season, so get ready for crop tops, bodysuits, and bralettes as well.

Colors this summer will be quite an interesting mix. Two completely opposite color schemes have revealed themselves and quickly gained equal traction in the fashion world. Neons and muted colors will be everywhere, so don’t be surprised to see everything from hot pink to blush on the same color-coded clothing rack.

This will be a shift for Boho style. We are accustomed to soft colors and pastels, but when you think bright Boho colors you see turquoise and coral, not so much lime green. Surprisingly, we think these two opposites can coexist when it comes to your closet. We have stocked up on amazing neons that still have Bohemian vibes. We can’t wait to see what you think.

Lace and fringe are summer trends that make for great beachwear, and perfect for adding to any type of top. Every chic little detail helps up your style game. We made sure to stock up on women’s tops that include these two design elements, along with some unique Westcoast trends we think you will love.

Women’s fashion is such an expansive world, and this summer we really will learn if opposites attract when it comes to summer color trends.