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Why Brim & Boho?

by Jessica Larsen on December 09, 2020

“What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;”

(Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare, CA.1600)

We all know the quote, and it may be true when it comes to Montague’s and Capulet's, but when it comes to branding a boutique, your name is key.

brim and boho

We get a lot of questions about our name. “Where did it come from?”. “What does it mean?”

And the truth is, we just came up with it ourselves at 2am. We wanted a name that not only reflected our products, but our vibe and style. We are all about the Boho lifestyle, and we wanted to create a shopping experience offering a full range of products that fit that vibe.

When you visit our store, you won’t only be greeted by a cheerful “Hello!”, you will be immersed in indulgent scents and vivid colors. Walls full of fresh loose-leaf teas, Brim & Boho custom seasonings, and scented soy candles line one side of our boutique.

The boho lifestyle is about being carefree and enjoying life! There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a good book, a cup of hot tea, and lighting up a candle that smells spectacular after a day in “the real world”. We wanted our boutique to provide a place where customers could find what they need to get on that “Good vibes only” level.

Our exclusive selection of loose-leaf teas are perfect for the tea connoisseur or “beginners”. You can smell and taste the difference fresh ingredients make, and our airtight tin packaging ensures your tea stays TASTY. Our flavors are amazing, and all of our teas are blended and packaged right here in the USA.

brim and boho loose leaf tea

Our scented soy candles are one of a kind, with a 90 hour burn time and high scent throw. We create each scent using high quality fragrance oils that putt off awesome scent throw. Every candle is hand-poured with love, ensuring consistent quality. We offer a wide variety of scents; some were even created by our kids!

brim and boho scented candles

Food is one of our favorite things, so we created an ever-expanding line of seasonings. Each one is designed to enhance, not overpower, your foods natural flavors. Blended using the freshest all-natural ingredients, with no preservatives, our seasonings are perfect for jazzing up everyday meals or for professional use. We even offer refill bags of our newest blends, and every seasoning is blended and packaged (using only American materials) in the USA. We just added 7 amazing new blends!

Brim and Boho custom spice blends

On the other side of our boutique, you’ll find a large selection of the latest trends in women’s clothing straight from Cali’s fashion district. Each piece is hand-selected to ensure we have a variety of clothing that ranges from boho to chic. This eclectic combination defines our edgy boho vision, where the free-spirited modern woman can find outfits that satisfy the trendy fashionista in her. Always affordable, we work with small suppliers to get the best deals possible so we can pass on the savings. Our goal is for women to walk in our boutique and walk out with something that makes them feel like the fierce beauty they are. Whether you want to experiment with a new style, or just expand you wardrobe, you get to decide where your style goes at Brim & Boho!

brim and boho clothing

Our jewelry is the icing on the cake, with a unique variety that ranges from minimalist styles to statement pieces. You’ll find beaded bracelets, tassel jewelry, sparkling rhinestones, and shimmering glass beads in many of our pieces, and there’s always something that pairs perfectly with our clothing!

Brim And Boho Jewelry

The handmade products throughout our boutique give it a welcoming feeling. Most of these items are made with our children right in the back room of the shop! Each one of these items represents memories made, and they are our favorite things to sell. Our children get so excited when they “make a sale”, and it’s taught them that creativity and imagination are still valued in this modern world!  You’ll see our unique artwork displayed proudly, along with seasonal items like bottle lights and wood slice ornaments.

So, would our boutique still be as sweet if we had named it something else? We’ll never know for sure, but we DO know that Brim & Boho seems to fit us. Afterall, we are filled to the brim with everything boho!