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These items are for purchase in store only. Each stone is hand selected in raw form for our private collection. These stones have been picked specifically for their energy.

Raw stones are preferred over tumbled for healing and energy work by my family for centuries. Raw stones are less "touched" and retain more natural properties than stones that have been tumbled and polished. While finished stones are pretty to look at, natural rough or raw stones are considered more powerful.

To cleanse and connect to your stone, simply rinse in the ocean, creek, lake, stream, the rain, or any natural form of water. Then sleep with it under your pillow for a full night. In the morning, gently hold your stone silence your thoughts and focus on the stone in your hand, connecting to it's energy. When you feel a slight tingle in your receptive hand, you're done! 

Natural Crystals and Gems Collection (46)



Mookaite Jasper


Tumbled Fire Quartz


Ruby/Sapphire Rough


Lemon Calcite


Root Beer Calcite


Rainbow Fluorite Pyramid 25-30mm


Hand-Carved Selenite Moon


Selenite Sphere 30-40mm


Red Tigers Eye Tumbled


Tigers Eye Tumbled


Blue Quartz Tumbled