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Sage and Palo Santo Wood Bundle - Brim & Boho
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Sage and Palo Santo Wood Bundle

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Cleanse your space and draw in those good vibes only with this metaphysical power couple! 

Sage is so powerful, it's believed to be able to cleanse away demons, negative energy, and bad vibes.  Indigenous peoples have burned this magical herb for centuries to cleanse people and spaces. We use Sage regularly to cleanse our home, especially if we notice a break out of bad moods. 

Palo Santo Wood is from a tree that is native to South America. This amazing tree has beautiful energy that not only has the ability to cleanse, but draws in positivity. In Spanish, it's name means Holy Wood...and we think that's pretty fitting. Burning Palo Santo after cleansing with Sage makes our home feel heavenly. 

To use this bundle "our way" simply cut the black ribbon to separate products before burning, burn your sage as needed, cleansing each space or person while envisioning and commanding those negative feelings or energies to leave. You don't have to use it all. When you feel like "what ales ya" is gone then it probably is. 

Follow up with burning your Palo Santo to return the positive energy. When negativity takes over a space, or person...it doesn't mask the positivity energy, it drains it. Cleansing can just leave a neutral space, and burning Palo Santo calls in the positivity and keeps negativity at bay. 

Please don't leave products burning unattended... Cleanse responsibly.